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In mid-December 2021, we created a new structure in the Zen Lab, which on the one hand should strengthen participation and transparency, and on the other hand promotes the effectiveness and consistency of the project.


Since then, the Zen Lab has been made up of a main group, working groups and a core group.

Structure Scheme2.png
Main Group

The main group consists of people who are organizationally involved in the Zen Lab or are involved in its development. It is our concern to give different voices in the Zen Lab a space and to involve as many people as possible in the decision-making processes and development of the place. The tasks of the main group are:  


Participation in the development and organization of the Zen Lab


We share the wish to develop and organize the Zen Lab together. We spin visions, new formats and consider how we would like to continue the project.  


Common Zen Practice & More


We all want to practice Zen together and as a group, to exchange ideas and to meet on friendly terms. We therefore try to coordinate certain events with the entire group so that everyone can be there. This can be an intensive meditation week, a non-violent communication workshop or just a brunch. It is important to us that we come together again and again as a group.


Further development of communication and interaction with one another


The third essential task of the large group is to take up the needs of the individual and to incorporate them into the project. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The group-internal weekends are particularly useful for this. The creation of the structure is, for example, is a result of our internal weekend in November 2021. We are currently practicing how to communicate with one another. It is important to us that conflicts are allowed to arise and that we can develop as a group.

Regular meetings of the main group


Main group plenary


A so-called “main group plenum” takes place around every four weeks, in which everyone involved in the project should take part. There, the working groups and the two leading persons provide information about the latest developments. Important decisions and goals are also discussed.  


Internal Zen Lab weekend


We spend an internal weekend together once or twice a year. The content of the weekend can vary. Sometimes the development of the group is in the foreground, as well as the needs of the individual people. Sometimes we rather discuss organizational issues.

Working groups

The individual tasks in the Zen Lab and the development in certain areas are carried out by the working groups. The Zen Lab is currently organizationally divided into a total of nine working groups.


Tasks of the working groups


  • The working groups work independently in their areas and in coordination with the core group and the main group

  • The groups themselves determine the scope and dates of the work

  • Teams can brainstorm internally and make suggestions to the main group

  • The large group will be informed in the main group plenum

  • There is a contact persons: in who communicates with the core group and the other groups 

Here you can find an overview of our working groups:

Zen Practice

Planning of Zen events, exchange with the Johanneshof, Zen days, 8-week course.


Templates for instagram, newsletter, poster, flyer, website design.


Internal communication, personal exchange and group dynamics.


Write texts for newsletters, websites and slides for Instagram.


Room and library design.


Overview of finances and cash register retention.

Social Media

Manage & post in Instagram, Facebook, Email, Telegram info group


Organization of Küfas, concerts etc.


Planning of Zen events, exchange with the Johanneshof, Zen days, 8-week course.

Core Group

The core group maintain an overview of the tasks arising in the Zen Lab and the Zen practice. This is primarily intended to ensure effectiveness and consistency. Currently, there are three people in the core group.

Tasks of the core group:


  • “Red Thread Committee” - Responsible for the consistency of the project

  • Close consultation with contact persons of the working groups

  • Responsible for the internal Zen Lab calendar, especially the Zen practice

  • Responsible for the Zen practice working group

  • Involved in important decisions

Transparency of the core group:


  • Every 14 days, the core group briefly informs the main group of what the are currently working on

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