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It is important to know that the Zen Lab is not a profit-oriented project. Nevertheless, the Zen Lab is of course not just about air, love and good intentions. In real terms, we have to bear costs. Our main cost is the room rental. Small expenses are necessary to maintain and develop the site. Also recently, part of the income was used to enable a leading person to receive a small fee for the specific jobs. Above all, this enabled us to professionalize the Zen Lab. Among other things, it was possible to change the structure, take care of the rental and fundamentally renew the homepage. Things that take up a lot of time and work.


Most of the work, however, continues to be on a voluntary basis.  


The largest part of our expenses still consists of the monthly rent payment. This has accounted for around 80% of our spending over the past two years. 10% went into spatial development, another 10% (calculated over two years) we paid part of our management as an expense allowance for certain, agreed work. ​


These expenses are currently largely borne by monthly membership fees, which cover around 60% of the costs.

We can cover around 30% of the expenses with donations for daily meditation, seminars, events and rentals. Due to Corona, our hands were tied, especially in this area. The majority of the events could not take place as usual due to the pandemic. We settle the remaining 10% with one-off donations.  


That being said 

Your contribution counts! Regardless of the form and capacity in which you want to support us, even small contributions help to maintaining the Zen Lab. Here you will find information on how you can give us a hand.

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