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The Zen Lab is not profit-orientated - but we still have to bear running costs. The main cost item is the room rent, other expenses are incurred to maintain and further develop the location. These expenses are currently largely covered by monthly membership fees. Another essential pillar for us is recurring and one-off donations. 


Most of the work on the project is done on a voluntary basis - around 20 people currently help out in the Zen Lab with larger and smaller organisational tasks. In addition, there are many great people who are always happy to come to us for meditation, yoga or seminars, for which we are very grateful.


​The largest part of our expenditure consists of the monthly rent payment. This accounts for around 80-90% of our expenditure. The remaining expenditure goes towards maintaining and developing the site.


These expenses are currently largely covered by monthly membership fees, which cover around 60% of costs. We are able to cover around 30% of expenses through contributions for daily meditation, seminars, events and rentals. The remaining 10% is covered by one-off donations. 


Specifically, this means

We would be delighted to be able to continue to fill our little resting place with life and share it.For this reason, we would like to emphasise the importance of donations for the project and ask for your support - according to your means.

No matter in what form and capacity you can support us, even a small donation means a lot for the preservation and further development of the project. Your contribution counts! 

Here you will find information on how you can give us a hand.

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