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At the beginning of the Zen Lab there was the desire to create and live psychologically oriented Zen practice in an urban context with other like-minded people. We had many ideas, visions and the commitment to use our time and energy to make this dream come true. At the same time, we didn't know what it would take for Zen practice to gain strength in a city like Leipzig. 

Since the beginning, the Zen Lab has grown steadily. The project has become more complex and our own demands on the quality of our offers have increased. In order to gain reliability, strengthen participation and to avoid arbitrariness as much as possible, the need for a firmer and clearer structure became increasingly clear. 

In the summer of 2023, we therefore decided to develop a statute together with an organizational consultant by defining the different roles with their rights and obligations. The statute serves, on the one hand, to preserve the core of the Zen Lab and, on the other hand, to create clarity, transparency and orientation. 

The different and most important elements of the statute are briefly summarized below.
decisions they make and how they are made.

Statut Organigram (3).png

The main responsible persons are the people who form the core of the Zen Lab. You maintain and develop the basic idea and vision of the Zen Lab and bear the main responsibility, as well as rights and obligations. You have the right to vote in all decisions affecting the Zen Lab and can decide on simple or fundamental changes to the statutes.
Current main responsible persons: Alexander, Clara, David

The Zen practice management are the people who are responsible for the spiritual direction and quality of Zen practice in the Zen Lab. You have many years of Zen Lab practical experience and a connection to the Dharma Sangha. Among other things, you will incorporate the practical positions that support the various formats of Zen practice.
Current Zen practice leadership: Alexander, Clara, David

The organizational management are the people who are responsible for the work organization of the Zen Lab. They take care of the implementation, which affects the space, public relations, events, finances and other organizational aspects. In addition to the organizational tasks, the organizational management has the main responsibility for the Zen practice formats.
Current organizational leadership: Angelina, Alexander, Clara, David, Hannes, Helena, Oleg

The organizational members are people who actively participate in the work organization of the Zen Lab. You take on supporting tasks or functions in consultation with the organizational management. The prerequisite for becoming an organizational member of the Zen Lab is to have been a permanent member of the Zen Lab for at least 1 year.
There are currently 24 organizational members

The Practice positionsis a group of people who support Zen practice formats such as weekly meditation times. You will be trained by the Zen practice management. 
There are currently 14 people in practical positions

The permanent members are people who regularly practice with the Zen Lab and pay the Zen Lab membership fee (or are exempt from paying a fee) on a monthly basis and thus contribute significantly to financial stability.

Are you wondering how you can become a permanent member of the Zen Lab?
You can find all information about this on our members page.

For each of these roles, the statute defines what requirements there are to take on this role and what rights and obligations derive from this. It also defines how often the different roles come together, what decisions they make and how they are made.

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