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As a Zen Lab member, you can take part in all of the meditations offered - both in the Zen Lab and online! There are many other advantages waiting for you.

With your membership fee you make a special contribution to sustaining and developing the Zen Lab!

Your Advantages of a Membership​
  • You can meditate for free in the Zen Lab and online at any time offered

  • All Zen days, seminars, workshops and courses are 10% discounted for you

  • You can always borrow books from our treasure trove of Buddhist and philosophical works!

  • You can join at any time and cancel at any time at the end of a month

  • You particularly enable the Zen Lab :) 

How do I join?

To become a member, you can simply write an email , we will send you everything else. All members pay a monthly fee of 30 - 50 euros at their own discretion. Further reductions are possibl, just talk to us about it. The contribution is mainly used to pay the room costs.

Can I also be organizationally active in the Zen Lab?

Sure, we'd love to! You can find out here how you can actively participate in the development of the Zen Lab beyond membership and become organizationally active.

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