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As a member, you support the Zen Lab significantly: your financial contribution enables us to develop a transformative and psychologically orientated Zen practice in a modern and urban context. As a non-profit project, we rely on regular donations to cover the costs of the space and to make small purchases. As a Zen Lab, we are sustained in particular by the monthly contributions of our members and their active participation.

Your Advantages of a Membership​
  • You can meditate in the Zen Lab for free at any time offered

  • All Zen days, seminars, workshops, yoga classes and courses are discounted for you

  • You can always borrow books from our treasure trove of Buddhist and philosophical works!

  • You can join at any time and cancel at any time at the end of a month

  • You significantly support the preservation and vision of the Zen Lab :)

How do I join?

All members pay a monthly fee of 30 - 60 euros at their own discretion. 

Further reductions are possible, just contact us. To become a member, simply complete the following form and then set up a recurring payment order. You will receive further information by e-mail. If you have any questions, please contact us

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