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Get Active!


We would be very happy if you would like to be involved in the development and organization of the Zen Lab and contribute your own thoughts.  


There are different ways to get involved in the Zen Lab.

Main group


If you have the impression that the Zen Lab is a place where you want to try out meditation, you find the project exciting and want to help shape the development, then you are welcome to join the main group!  

The prerequisite is that you are interested in the Zen Lab project and that you can imagine being involved in the project for a longer period of time (the intention is sufficient). The best thing to do is to get to know the project and the people first, e.g. during daily meditation. You can find more information about the main group here.

You can contact Alex, David or Clara or write us an email .

Working groups  


If you already know that you are interested in a very specific aspect of the project, then you can also get involved directly in this area. To do this, you join a working group: For example, you already know that you would like to be part of a Küfa or are totally interested in questions about social media.  


The working groups are: 

  • Communication and community

  • Social media

  • Zen practice

  • Zen Lab Orbit

  • Writings 

  • Room and library 

  • Finances

  • design

  • Events 

You can find more information on this here .

Write us a short email  and name the working group in which you would like to participate. Alternatively, you can of course contact us at any time in the Zen Lab.

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